At Pear of Balls we breed in small scale. We keep a couple pairs of the species we love and raise their offspring with hands on attention and care. The parents are interacted with regularly which helps their offspring be calmer with each generation. Because of our small scale breedings we have only a few offspring available at a time. If you see one you like don't hesitate to ask about them.

If applicable your new reptile will come with a copy of their records that documents their life from hatching. It can include the following; morph, lineage, birth date, incubation info (if it determines sex), diet, and any noteworthy events. This is done because I try to find out such information when aquiring a new reptile, but it's rarely ever available. So I want to offer it to you so you can know everything there is to know about your new friend.

Crested gecko hatchlings are available after atleast two months in our care with steady feeding habits.
Ball python hatchlings are available after they have shown steady feeding habits.
Tree Dragon hatchlings are available after they have grown significantly.


Important! When transporting your hatchling home do not put them near a heat/cold vent, leave them in the sun, leave them in the vehicle, or put their container in a place it will be bumped or moved. Doing so can be fatal to the hatchling. 

This year's offspring will be for sale at our first debut at the december Reptile Holiday Market. Local pick-up before then can be arranged however. At this time we are not comfortable shipping our sweet hatchlings. 

The hatchlings we will be bringing are shown below. They've still got a month to grow so they may become more beautiful yet! And hopefully pack on some extra weight for winter.

Information on the pictures is listed as parents, hatch date, weight at the time of picture, and their hatch order.
This hatchling is very jumpy, hence why the pictures of it are inside containers. I have done extensive work with this hatchling to calm it down but there has been zero improvement so I believe it will always be this way. If you want a gecko to handle this is not the one. However it is one of the most active hatchling in their enclosure.