At Pear of Balls we breed reptiles for the love and passion for their species and the beautiful patterns and morphs they possess. Breeding for the joy of it as a hobby, seeing our animals thrive enough to carry on their lineage.
That is the ultimate goal, 
docile, active, and beautiful reptiles. 

As with anyone interested in reptiles my first experience with them was as a kid with watching and catching wild lizards and snakes. The first "real" snake I owned was a red tailed boa who came home in a plastic sandwich tub. It's been many years since then and he the most docile animal I have ever met. He has contributed to my drive of wanting to raise reptiles like him.

My first experience with breeding for genetics was with rodents. It was where my love for breeding tri-colors was born when my C-locus tri-colored mouse project became successful. It was not long after I discovered that snakes came in the pied pattern and it became an instant goal to work with the most beautiful animal and pattern morphed into one.

Each of our offspring and adults are housed individually to prevent tail loss and injury. They are kept in the main room where they get used to commtion and noise which helps them spook less in their new homes. Some are always bound to be skittish of course, but we try to help them anyways.

The current projects are Pied Ball Pythons, Chinese Tree Dragons, Dalmation Crested geckos, and Imperial Pueblans. Each goal having a small grouping to work with.