​​Welcome to Pear Of Balls

Welcome to the brand new site!
Pear Of Balls was created to be the hub for our small-scale breeding of pied ball pythons, dalmation crested geckos, and chinese tree dragons (Japalura splendida). As you may tell by our name we are laid back with a causal approach to breeding. Keeping the collection small allows for hands on raising for each hatchling to insure they become a well rounded animal. Calm personality is just as important as coloration for us.

You can find further information about our collection in the various tabs to the left and find elusive care information for chinese tree dragons in their tab.

News and Updates​ 

December - We had a fun and experience filled first show at the Reptile Holiday Market in Fife. Also discovered that our nativation buttons on the left do not show up on mobile so a quick fix has been added at the top of each text block. 

Next year we plan to breed some beautiful geckos, hope for Honey to finally give eggs, and really hoping to see some fertile dragon eggs in the upcoming year.

Upcoming Shows